Complete Abandon (Page 17)

Complete Abandon (Her Billionaires #5.1)(17)
Author: Julia Kent

Biting her lower lip, her core swollen with need, this was almost too much. “Of course,” she said, and as her eyes rolled and she felt her body relax, layer by layer, at the same time the feel of Dylan as he moved to put his erection close to her face made a keen wave of pulses pour through her, nearly pushing her to climax by the mere thought, the hint, of what was next.

Wet, eager, and wanting, she was hardly the same woman from thirty minutes ago. And she loved it that way as the tip of Dylan’s taut cock touched her mouth. Fumbling, unable to see, she pulled one hand to his shaft, but a strong palm wrapped around her wrist and stopped her.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Dylan, we forgot to tie her wrists,” Mike said, his body catlike and stretched out, half on her and off, the massive heat from his body now covering two thirds of her as he’d stretched up from between her legs to grab her.

“Guys, you don’t have to do this,” she said in a sheepish tone. “It’s not like I need thi—”

“You have a safeword,” Mike hissed, her wrist encased in a soft coating around something metal. Click. Her shoulder adjusted, then Mike did the second arm. She was spread out on the bed and felt somewhat silly and yet more turned on than she’d ever been in her life. “Feel free to use it whenever you need. But until then, Laura, your pleasure is completely in our hands.”

A wall of pure lust pounded through her veins as Mike’s words sank in. Dylan’s hot, pulsing cock came to her mouth at the same split second Mike’s warm lips descended on her clit, the twinned tactile treasures shoving her out of her own head and back into her body, where all that mattered was her lips wrapped around Dylan’s erection, the push of Mike’s fingers on her wet folds, the heat of all three bodies working in concert with no interruptions, no plans, and nothing to do but this.

Hips bucking up, she found her orgasm standing ripe and ready, the tease of Mike’s little laps bringing her there as she tightened, his finger sliding inside to find a wall of muscle searching for some welcome visitor to embrace.

And then…he stopped.

Dylan’s gentle gliding in and out of her mouth, balanced above her chest, slowed down as she moaned from frustration, wanting more of what Mike had to offer. He wasn’t kidding—he was going to draw this out and bring her to the edge, then pull back, over and over until she begged.

Maybe if she pleaded now he’d relent? It had been so, so long. Too long.

“Please,” she mumbled, hips straining up.


Oh, dear.

Warm liquid poured from a single drop that fell with exquisite perfection on the tip of her engorged clit, and then a river of lube poured down her folds, the feeling so lush she rolled her pelvis up to capture more. Everything felt more right now, without her hands or eyes, and she wondered what the buzzing and the lube meant.

The push of something hard sliding in the lube around her ass made her core tighten, kegels excited and pulsing. The three of them had never been shy in using Laura’s extensive sex toy collection in bed, but whatever Mike had at her spread-out ass was big.

She pushed against it, body eager on a level that her mind hadn’t quite caught up to.

“Good,” Mike said, his voice thick with emotion. “You want it.”

Who was this? Mike could certainly take charge in the bedroom but he seemed to…revel in exerting so much sensual control over her. Dylan wasn’t exactly a wallflower, either, his hands buried in her hair, fingers lovingly massaging her scalp as he gently rode her mouth. His legs tightened and she knew that it was her body, her lips, her tongue, and the essence of her that brought him to this kind of free hedonism, the easy, open sensuality that they shared right now. It made what Mike was doing to her all the more intense as he edged whatever vibrating device he used toward her puckered hole, sending her pussy walls into spasms that weren’t quite orgasms.


And then the live wire of her entire body coalesced into one pinpointed strand of pure presence and enjoyment as he breached her tight ring of muscle and—

Aahhhhhh. The feeling of fullness was so powerful that she faded to a white cloud in her mind, existing as nothing more than pure touch. A ball of nerves, a set of lungs that panted, and an ass and pussy that throbbed with short bursts of pounding blood and roaring cravings. Dylan’s slow, shallow thrusts gave her tongue an opportunity to find the ring of his mushroom cap and to give it the languid, centered attention it deserved until suddenly he was gone, her hands itching to touch him, body one long bundle of need to give.

Receiving so much pleasure was hard. Harder than she’d ever imagined, and as Mike slowly inserted the vibrating device past her point of comfort she found a thick wall of soft pain heightened everything, making the pleasure achingly better. Ears perked, she could hear birds outside, the rustle of vibrant late-fall leaves floating to the forest ground, the wind whistling against tall pines.

Just as she began to undulate in waves, her hips moving in a perfect sine curve, Mike slid the device out of her, leaving an emptiness she couldn’t bear.

“No! Please!” she cried out, her words silenced by the voracious press of Mike’s mouth on hers. Thickly muscled arms slid under her as deft hands released her wrists from the handcuffs. Aloft in the air, she felt her self-consciousness kick in as Mike’s mouth broke away and she felt herself moving through space.

“What are you doing?”

Dylan’s voice whispered in her ear. “You up for some swinging?”

A cold terror shot through her. Swinging? “Swinging?” she gulped.

Mike laughed to her left. “Not that kind.”

Her belly rolled in on itself and her breasts pressed against Mike’s perfect chest while Dylan held her and Mike moved her feet into some sort of odd, suspended strap in what seemed like midair. It was as if all the extra flesh on both her men had been conferred unto her and she felt it again, that familiar, slightly-sickening diminution of what should have been a near-holy moment.

Dylan tensed and stopped. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said airily, trying to recapture the mood.

“Time to pry.” Mike’s words came out as if he’d expected to say them all along.

Blinking under the silken cloth of her blindfold, Laura was at a crossroads. She could tamp down her feelings and pretend they weren’t there, which was her default mode these days. Or, she could do what she’d always wanted to do in her heart—in her soul—and extend the benevolent, sensual wholeness that Mike and Dylan had brought into her life and trust that it would be there when she opened her mouth.