Complete Abandon (Page 18)

Complete Abandon (Her Billionaires #5.1)(18)
Author: Julia Kent

Slipping her right arm into some sort of leather belt thing, and then her left, she felt Dylan release her and she faltered, her core muscles struggling to find balance where, it seemed, there really was none.

Hands reached behind her neck and untied the scarf, revealing her lovers, still naked, now face-to-face with her as she found herself suspended in front of them, her full body on open display, legs split apart by the laws of physics and the designer who made what she now realized was a sex swing, attached to a special anchor in the ceiling near the fireplace.

“Eco-cabin?” she said, arching one eyebrow.

Mike had the decency to look a bit sheepish. “A perk of being a billionaire. I can build my own sex den.” As the words “sex den” poured out of his mouth he went from sheepish to wolfish, the transformation so erotic and entrancing.

One of the guys had lit a romantic fire, and the glow of the flames mingled with the hundreds of candles as Laura gawked in disbelief at how this night had unfolded. Her little red nub thrummed like a lighthouse beacon, screaming for attention but it was the only part of her that seemed to maintain any sense of what she really wanted.

“A swing? Seriously, guys? I’m going to rip the roof off if you don’t get me out of this,” she joked. Her hands reached for her belly, eyes focused on staring anywhere but down.

“And there it is, Dylan,” Mike whispered. Reaching for her, he splayed his palm over the curves of her breasts, her belly, her ass, making Laura inhale a slow, deep breath that came out shakier than she’d intended.

“Look at her, Dylan.” Both men raked their eyes over her now as she was completely naked, vulnerable and left with nowhere to hide. Oh, God. It was like that high school nightmare where you go to school wearing only your socks, except right now? She wasn’t even wearing those.

What the hell was wrong with her? These were her guys.

“I’m looking. She’s even hotter than the day we met for the first time.” Like Mike, he reached for her and began caressing her, hand tracing the swell of her hip, the curves of her waist and ribcage, the smooth flow of palm across her torso like warm honey. Melting into it was not what she thought she would do. The involuntary reaction allowed a new layer of tension to disappear, her body sinking into a little more peace, a deeper connection with these two amazing men who were looking at her like she was eye candy.

Gloriously nude Mike stood before her like a god at Asgard, his height perfectly matched to her position in the sex swing. He grasped her shoulders and looked down over her nude body, eyes lingering over each inch, the rock-hard need in his cock—and moreso in his expression—making her tighten and release with a rhythm within her own core that connected with a deeper tone in the universe, as if she were becoming less defined, more integrated, and more a part of something so much larger and more primal than herself.

“You,” he said in a hoarse tone, “have always been perfect.” His torso pressed against her open legs, the shaft of his cock aligning perfectly with her wet lips, swollen slit so sensitive she jolted. “You will always be perfect, and your lush body is exactly what I want.”

“We,” Dylan interrupted, suddenly behind her, his own rigid manhood pushing against the cleft of her ass.

“We,” Mike whispered. His eyes were magnetic in the candlelight, golden skin made luminous as he consumed her completely, her skin alight with the feel of Dylan behind her, warm and eager, with Mike at the helm. Being enveloped by their bare skin on both sides was an all-too-familiar reminder of the importance of we in this moment, of the blending of three souls, hearts—

And bodies.

“This,” Dylan whispered, moving his hand from the side of her breast down to her belly, “is the most amazing body in all creation. You were sensual and sexy as fuck long before you had the baby, but knowing you built an entire baby, and that you nurture that baby from here”—he touched her breasts—“is the sexiest damn thing I can imagine, and all you do, honey, is make me want you more and more with each day that we spend together.”

He was a thick wall of hot muscle behind her, her shoulder blades pushing against his pecs as his arms wrapped around her and roamed over her breasts and belly, joy and wanting obvious in the way he relished each line, every bend and turn of her skin. “Not being able to have you ride me every single day is torture,” he added in a murmur that made her shiver. “We want you, Laura. The whole you. Every damn day. And we need to show you that and love you enough that you believe it.”

“I do!” she cried out as Mike nuzzled her neck. “Of course I believe it!” God, it had been so long since she’d had this much flesh on her, surrounding her, wrapping her in complete abandon. The swing made her feel naughty, like a wilder Laura she wanted to explore. Whatever else Mike and Dylan had in that magic box of devices, she’d love to find out—but later.

Right now she wanted to make love to Mike and Dylan and let loose. It was high time, and the old Laura, the woman she had been before the baby, came roaring back, fast and hard.

And really in need of a good fuck.

Arching her back, she let go of all her inhibitions and lifted her pelvis as high as she could, leaning back against Dylan for leverage. His chin brushed against her neck and she swore she could feel his smile. His cock—that she most definitely felt, nudging against her ass. Would they be up for a quickie after all that build-up? Was it fair to ask them to—

“Ready?” Mike asked, hands cupping her face, his lips coming in for a kiss.

“For what?” she asked, starting to tremble.

“Me.” Centering his thick pole in front of her wetness, he slowly entered her as Dylan held her in the swing, then began to rock her forward and back, inch by inch.

“Aren’t you,” she gasped, “supposed to hang this swing in front of a,”—gasp—“door?”

“I am the door,” Dylan hissed, now placing his rigid cap right at the base of her tight ring. Mike filled her, the slow thrusts and the gentle rocking motion of the swing making her clit feel like it would burst if she didn’t come right this very instant.


Cold metal and lube licked against her hot mons in random starburst of explosions as Mike stroked her red nub with a small, bullet-shaped silver vibrator. Gripping his shoulders, she screamed in extraordinary pleasure, imbued with the relief of knowing she could be as loud as she liked, and tightened, releasing just as Dylan slowly, steadily entered her ass, the fullness slow and sensual, the feeling unlike anything they’d shared before.