Complete Abandon (Page 9)

Complete Abandon (Her Billionaires #5.1)(9)
Author: Julia Kent

Thrusting up, ever so incrementally, as she plummeted down on him, the micromovements managed for social respectability, controlled by structure and discovery, each push into her felt like a pilgrimage to some holy place, a chapel of love and trust where acceptance and blind need all mixed together with passion and lust to form this thrust.

And this groan.

And this gasp.

And then, just when the feel of her fingertips on his neck was like fire, as her lowered head and parted lips blended with her thighs pushing against him, at that moment when she levered him deeper in with her bearing down—it was then that his climax took over, all red and white and black and grey behind his eyes, the white-hot star of explosion and disbursement a sweaty, fevered affair that hit him not like waves but, instead, on one giant crack of decision.

All of her on him, his whole being in her, the rasp of his cheek against her neck, the scent of pussy and her soap filling the air between them—and the soft slushy sound of car tires wheeling by, mingled with horns and trains and carefree calls of owners to dogs said one, singular thing whispered through the lips of this gorgeous woman stretched over him, jellied limbs around his neck, spent nerves twitching in little residual movements:

“I love you, too, you pervert.”

He chuckled and squeezed. “We both are.”

Peeling herself off his chest, the afghan slipping and threatening to bare her back to the guy getting out of a cab across the street, he reached for the cloth and pulled it back up, cocooning her. “We’re a perfect match.”

“I could get used to you.”

“After six months, you haven’t broken me in yet?”

Squeeze. He was spent and fading fast, but the thrill of her enveloping him made blood rush down again. “I can just peel this off you right now and—”

The press of her lips against his caught him off guard, the heady feel of his hands and body and mouth overflowing with Josie like a second climax. Her tongue parted his lips and he drank her in, her hands buried in his hair, lips nipping at his. She planted a cute little kiss on his nose.

“How about that Greek place?”

“We probably lost the reservation.”

“How about take-out Thai and we spend the night with The Determinator?”

“The what?”

She flexed her arm and made the wrist flick quickly back and forth. “The Determinator. My new toy.”

“What does it determine?”

A sly grin from her. “That’s what we need to explore.”

The steady clomp of footsteps startled him, Josie’s arms snaking about him and pulling tight against his chest to hide her naked front. Instinct kicked in and he pulled the cloth around them both, covering any hint of her nudity. While their position was a bit less dainty than might be appropriate, it was nothing close to what a full reveal under covers would expose.

“Good day,” said the mailman cheerfully.

“Hi,” they replied together, Alex’s voice stronger, Josie’s hampered by a giggle fit. Burying her face against his neck, Josie bit his collarbone, the vibration of barely repressed laughter jolting through him.

With a weak wave of his hand he tried to create a modicum of decorum, and when the guy turned the corner Alex exhaled slowly, with relief. Standing carefully, he let Josie wrap her shaking legs around his hips as he rolled them both in the afghan and guided them inside.

“You’re crazy,” she chided.

“I’m adventurous.”

“You’re awesome.”

“Awesome enough to move in with?” the words came out so fast he surprised himself.

She said nothing.

Shit. And then:

“Awesome enough to babysit Jillian for a night and see how we do together in domestic harmony.”

“Really?” Surprise infused his voice as a warmth spread through him. Even agreeing to such a thing was a huge leap for Josie. This tango they danced recently—he pushed, she pulled back—had become wearisome enough that he was beginning to wonder if this would define their relationship. Always surprising him, he found this sudden shift a sign that perhaps he had been hasty in judging her intransigence.

“And you can bring a toothbrush you can leave here.”

Double surprise.

“Why don’t you just get my name tattooed on your breast? A toothbrush? Wow.” His words were sarcastic, but there was a ring of truth in it.

Josie looked down at her chest. “Not enough room,” she mugged.

“Enough for me.” One palm stretched out to fill it with her soft flesh. She inhaled sharply. Too soon? His cock grew—not too soon for him…

“Take it or leave it, porch sex boy.”

He dumped her on the bed with a satisfying plop, her arms and legs splaying out like a daddy long legs.

“I’ll take it.” He stripped down quickly.

“What about dinner?” she asked, turning on her side, her hip jutting up, breasts calling out for his mouth.

His palms ran up the length of her calves, over her knees, opening her to him. “I’m coming for seconds right now…”


No amount of meditation would make his erection subside. Visualizing the Dalai Lama, Pema Chodron and Thich Nhat Hanh—nope. Imagining suffering—nope. Conjuring images of dancing teddy bears and foam fingers—OK, that helped…

The doorbell rang. Josie and Alex. All five adults had jointly decided that the best approach to the overnight would be for Jillian to stay at the home she was most accustomed to; uprooting her to Cambridge for the night might add to the potential for disaster. All of the baby items that Laura, Mike and Dylan used to manage one twenty-pound infant filled the cabin to the brim, from a bouncy seat to the high chair to the crib that the baby never actually slept in. It was currently filled with clean, folded laundry and a six-foot bunny rabbit Dylan had bought on a whim. Yesterday.

Orchestrating this night away had involved a logistical operation worthy of a five star general. Convincing Laura had been the hardest part.

“You what? You want to what? I can’t leave her overnight!” she’d protested, though a flicker of interest, barely noticeable, flashed in her eyes. He had struggled for the past few days not to say anything about her reading habits. A quiet calm descended over him, his way of processing the new information. On the other hand, his libido screamed with the knowledge of what she had been reading, making his mind chaotic with questions, so many they threatened to burst from his veins.

Twenty mile runs didn’t really help.