Snow Kissed (Page 27)

Snow Kissed (Woodlands #1.5)(27)
Author: Jen Frederick

Anticipation rising in him, he eagerly pulled aside the sodden panel and finally exposed her to his greedy gaze.

“You’re so gorgeous, even here,” he crooned.

She was beautiful, her tender cleft all delicate pink folds flushed and swollen with need. The darker gold curls on her mound were damp with sweat and her dew, and he could see drops of her moisture well up and seep from her slit. He felt saliva pooling in his mouth at the thought of tasting her—he couldn’t wait any longer.

With a groan, he bent his head, sending his tongue through her folds, searching out her thick honey. She gave a muffled scream at the first touch of his tongue and lurched up, pressing her h*ps toward his mouth.

“God, you taste so good. I could do this all night,” he muttered, and then set out to do exactly that. He gently parted her outer lips to display her tiny, throbbing entrance and he eagerly started lapping, drinking her in, licking every trace of her arousal he could find. Her taste was exquisite, intoxicating.

He lapped her again and again and more of her honey started to trickle out of her. He speared his tongue into her as far as he could go, trying to search out more of her addictive flavor. He couldn’t go as deep as he wanted to—she was too tight, and he shuddered at the thought of feeling all that tightness surrounding him, gripping his cock.

He nuzzled her plump lips, pressing delicate kisses against her quivering opening before carefully stretching back the little hood to reveal the hard, round nub of her clitoris. It was swollen and distended, and practically begging for his attention. He gently blew on it and Ria twitched in response, her h*ps jerking before he gripped her thighs, not letting her escape. He carefully laved it with his tongue, loving the feel of it, and then closed his lips over her nub and sucked it into his mouth.

“Oh please, please!” Ria sobbed, and her body convulsed, her thighs going stiff, her heels digging into his back. She arched hard against his mouth and screamed, a high, broken sound of pure release.

Gabriel immediately pressed his mouth against her entrance, his tongue lapping, thrusting into her. He wanted to feel her cli**x against his mouth and on his tongue. He could feel her slit pulsating and he thrust his tongue as deep as he could, and felt her delicate muscles quiver and contract on his tongue rhythmically as he f**ked her with it. His finger quickly circled and rubbed her clitoris, gently but firmly, extending her orgasm for as long as possible as she continued to tremble against his mouth.

Her breathless cries finally slowed and he pressed one last, tender kiss on her cunt before he stood up and quickly started shedding his clothing.

“You’re absolutely delicious coming on my tongue, but now it’s time for something else,” he growled.

Ria’s long, lush lashes fluttered open and she started at him with a dazed look in those brilliant blue eyes as he impatiently threw off his jacket and unknotted his tie before he started on the buttons of his shirt.

“Oh my,” she breathed and licked her lips as his broad chest, lightly dusted with hair, came into view.

He grinned savagely, feeling proudly masculine at knowing he had pleasured her so well. “I hope you know there’s a lot more of that still to come.”

She blinked and blushed. “If that’s what an orgasm feels like, I don’t know if I can handle any more.”

He froze, his hands on his belt. “You’ve never had an orgasm before?” He couldn’t believe how intensely erotic he found the possibility that he was the first man to bring her to cli**x.

“Well, yes…no…oh, I’m not sure! This was so much stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before so I just don’t know,” she confessed.

He barely restrained a shudder as lust surged through him. “Don’t worry, before this night is over I’ll make certain you know exactly what an orgasm is supposed to feel like.”

He felt more animal than human now, wanting nothing more than to rut in her. He quickly unbuckled his belt and carefully unzipped, gritting his teeth at the friction of the zipper against his aching arousal.

“My turn now,” he said roughly. “I can’t wait to get inside that tight p**sy.”

He pushed down his boxer briefs with his pants and kicked them off, along with his leather shoes. He stripped off his socks and straightened, standing fully, proudly nak*d in front of her.

Ria’s avid gaze went unerringly to his erect penis and she audibly swallowed. He would have laughed, if arousal didn’t literally have him by the balls. All he could manage was a tight grimace and he was sure it didn’t look as reassuring as he meant it to.

He knew without conceit that he was larger than average, and he’d never felt bigger or harder that he did at that moment, with Ria tracing every inch, ridge and vein with a gaze that felt like a hot caress, his c*ck throbbing with his heartbeat, pre-come visible at his swollen tip. His balls were drawn up tight against him, literally aching to release his sem*n. He knew he wouldn’t last long once he was inside her and he was glad he’d already given her an orgasm, although as far as he was concerned this was just the beginning.

He walked to her, his stiff c*ck bobbing with every step, and her eyes remained glued on him.

“Let’s get these off, shall we?” He reached for her panties, pulling them down her legs and tossing them aside.

She was still sitting at the edge of the bed and he drew her legs up and placed her feet on the duvet. She started to scoot back but he held her hips, keeping her perched on the edge. “No, I want you wide open to me. I want to be able to get every inch of my c*ck in you.”

Ria gave a breathy cry at his words and he could see arousal winning out over any residual nerves. She bit her lip and nodded, reclining back on her elbows, her legs spread wide and knees up. This position left her open and vulnerable, and he swallowed a growl at how utterly arousing he found it, found her.

He grabbed hold of his organ, and even the touch of his own hand was wildly exciting, he was that close to the edge.

He stroked his tip along her slit, gasping at the sensation. He rubbed the glans over her clit, and they both cried out when he pressed the tiny hole of his penis against her clit, coating it with his pre-come, f**king his penis with her sensitive little bud. Again and again, he dragged the head up and down her opening and her clit, torturing them both with the pleasure until she was squirming against him and making those little mewling cries.

Finally, Ria begged, “Gabriel, please! I need you, please don’t make me wait any longer.”

Gabriel shuddered—he’d made them both wait long enough. He quickly positioned the head at her opening again and cupped his hands around her sweetly curved bottom, angling her perfectly for his full penetration. He eagerly pressed forward and then froze, swearing violently.

“Fuck! Ria, please tell me that you’re on birth control.”

He couldn’t believe he nearly forgot about it—it would have been the height of carelessness, for both of them. It had been so long for him, he didn’t even have any condoms with him, so everything depended on her. God, please let her be taking something…

Ria tore her fascinated gaze away from his c*ck just barely inside her body and blinked at him before realization set in.

“Oh! Oh. Um, yes, I’m actually on the pill. But I should mention that I have condoms in my purse too. I dropped it in the other room.”

Gabriel hesitated—by rights he should be getting the condoms. But his penis was throbbing urgently at her entrance and he selfishly didn’t want any barrier, no matter how thin, between them. “How many did you bring?”

“Um, one, maybe two, I’m not sure.”

“That won’t be enough for me tonight—we’ll have to risk it at least once. If I tell you that I’m clean, will that be enough for you?”

Ria paused and then to his relief, she slowly nodded. “Yes, that’s enough. And I’m clean too.”

Gabriel smiled. “Good to know. I promise to make this worth the risk.”

And then with his hands holding her h*ps securely, he thrust, his thick length forging through her tight muscles all the way into her, not stopping until he was buried as deep he could go, his balls nestled against her.

He barely registered her gasp and the sudden stiffness of her body, or the unusual resistance he’d felt when he pushed through her narrow, clinging passage. All he could think about was the sheer bliss of being inside her with her hot, wet sheath hugging him so tightly. But realization finally settled in and he swore again, this time for a different reason.

“Fuck! Dammit, Ria, why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?”

Ria winced and tried to shrug. “I didn’t think it was important, or that you’d noticed.” She bit her lip, quickly blinking away a tear.

Gabriel groaned and closed his eyes. Of course he’d noticed, he just didn’t put all the clues together until it was too late. He silently berated himself for letting desire blind him to the truth.

He opened his eyes when Ria’s small voice asked him, “Are you mad? Do you want to stop?”

The last thing he wanted was for Ria to think that she’d done anything wrong in wanting him. “No, of course not. Does this feel like I want to stop?”

And very gently, he nudged her, his c*ck bumping her cervix.

Ria gasped at the sensation and he could feel her p**sy tighten on him in reaction. He gritted his teeth against his instinct to move again. Only when he was sure he had his unruly body under control could he continue to talk. “I knew you were inexperienced, but there’s a big difference between less experienced and no experience. I could have really hurt you—did I?”

Ria shook her head quickly. “Oh no, it was more like a sting at first, it didn’t really hurt that much. I think it was more surprise than anything else. And what pain there was seems to be getting better already. Besides, you had made me so wet, I truly didn’t think it was going to hurt at all. And I wanted you so much, even if I had known that it would definitely hurt it wouldn’t have made a difference—all that mattered was that I had you inside me.”

He shuddered at her words—they echoed how he felt too, the mindless urgency of getting inside her, no matter what. “God, that really was your first orgasm, wasn’t it?”

She nodded shyly. “I think I had little ones before when I touched myself, but they really can’t compare to what you made me feel.”

He could feel himself swell even bigger inside her at her words. Her cunt was gripping him so tightly all along his shaft—the pleasure was exquisite, and more than anything he wanted to move. But he had to be sure. “How do you feel now?”

Ria slowly smiled and suddenly her vag**al muscles clenched, squeezing him like a vise. He gasped and arched, pushing his c*ck even deeper inside her. She cried out in reaction, her back bowing. She panted heavily for a moment, before saying, “I think it’s safe to say I feel fine.”

And then she clenched down on him again.

Gabriel grunted, his control breaking as his body took over. He thrust slowly, nearly leaving her body before plunging all the back way inside her. Ria whimpered and met him stroke for stroke, arching her h*ps so that their groins rubbed together with each deep inward lunge, her br**sts bouncing enticingly with every thrust.

“Christ, I can’t believe how good you feel. Your p**sy is so hot and tight around my cock, and you’re so soft and silky inside.”

He hooked one leg over his arm and leaned forward, Ria moaning at the new position that opened her up even more. Gabriel braced himself on his arms so that he was now over Ria, caging her with his body. He bent down and found her mouth, licking feverishly at her lips and capturing her little gasping cries. He thrust his tongue in her mouth and she sucked greedily on it as her cunt sucked and squeezed his cock, causing him to break his rhythm and quicken his thrusts. Ria tore her mouth away, nearly sobbing in reaction.

“Oh, yes, please, faster, more!” she begged, frantically bucking up, trying to urge him on, clutching at his shoulders and back.

He wasn’t sure how much more of this mind-blowing pleasure he could take but he didn’t want it to end either, it was so good. Ria was getting close too—her p**sy was getting even hotter and wetter and he reached down and massaged her clit, rolling it between his fingers.

“Come for me again,” he growled. “I need to feel you come all over me.”

It was enough to push her over the edge—she suddenly screamed and her p**sy clamped down on his cock, massaging it rhythmically with her internal muscles.

The pleasure was so sweet, so piercing until it became unbearable and he was helpless to stave off his cli**x any longer. His h*ps pistoning, he finally came with a roar, his orgasm crashing over him in endless, perfect waves. He ground himself against Ria, feeling his c*ck pulse and pulse and he pumped his sem*n into her until his balls were drained; it felt as it all the years of pain, loss and grief drained away as well, into Ria’s soft, welcoming body.