Snow Kissed (Page 41)

Snow Kissed (Woodlands #1.5)(41)
Author: Jen Frederick

Gabriel’s nostrils flared when he saw the evidence of her arousal. He parted her folds, exposing her pulsing slit and her hardened, engorged clitoris, and slowly his head descended.

Maria cried out and spasmed at the first touch of his tongue on her cleft—it was like an electric shock straight to her clit. He lapped her eagerly, gathering every trace of her honey, and then sucked her cl*t into his mouth like he did her n**ples. Her thighs clamped around his head, and sensing her impending orgasm, he moved back to her cunt and thrust his tongue into her, f**king her with it.

Maria nearly sobbed with pleasure—it was so intense, and her memories of their night together not enough to prepare her for the sensations. He rolled and rubbed her cl*t with his fingers as he f**ked her with his tongue, and suddenly her cli**x hit hard. She screamed as she came, arching her cunt frantically against Gabriel’s mouth and she could feel herself fluttering and flexing on his tongue as he continued to thrust it into her.

Slowly, the waves of pure, perfect pleasure subsided and her body relaxed, Gabriel continuing to nuzzle and tongue her p**sy. He then slid back up her body and kissed her, rubbing her tongue with his and sharing her flavor with her.

“Taste how sweet you are. I could eat you forever.”

Maria moaned, his raw words only making her even more excited. “I need you now, I need to feel you stretching and filling me up again.”

“Do you want my cock, Ria?” he asked huskily, rubbing the large glans teasingly against her opening.

“Yes, oh yes, I want your c*ck so much!” she cried.

“Good girl,” he crooned. “I’ll give you my c*ck and as much as you can handle right now.”

And he slid into her, oh, so slowly. Maria inhaled sharply at the burning, stretching sensation—he was so thick and long. It had been six months since they’d made love and her muscles weren’t used to this yet. But despite the initial discomfort, she loved feeling him in her, a part of her.

“God, you’re so tight!” he groaned, not stopping until he was completely in, his balls pressed against her body.

“You’re so big, you feel enormous in me. I’ve missed you so much.” Her narrow sheath rippled around him, caressing him with her inner muscles and causing him to stiffen. She could feel him twitch and grow even bigger inside her and she knew he was close to losing control.

He growled and started moving, stroking her hard and fast. “It’s been too long, I can’t hold back.”

But she didn’t want him to—she wanted him as wild and crazy as he made her. So she continued to squeeze him inside and rubbed her br**sts against his chest, caressing as much of his body as she could reach. She encouraged him on with breathless little cries, clutching his shoulders, her thighs wrapped around his waist and heels digging into his buttocks, meeting him thrust for thrust. Soon, the fire inside her grew to a conflagration and she knew she was close to another orgasm. But this time, she wanted him with her.

“I’m coming, Gabriel, please tell me you’re coming too! I need to feel you come inside me.”

He groaned, and his strokes deepened. “I’m coming—”

And with a strangled moan, he stiffened, grinding hard into her and she could feel his sem*n release deep inside her in long, endless jets.

His cli**x triggered hers and she cried out, contracting and squeezing him, her cunt pulsating in ecstasy.

Gabriel collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily. She enjoyed the weight of his muscular body, wanting to keep him inside her for as long as possible. They laid there silently, entwined together, happiness and love binding them more closely together than any words ever could.

But then a thought struck Maria and her drowsiness evaporated. “Gabriel?”


“What are we going to tell the children?”

“That we’re in love and getting married at Christmas.”

“Gabriel! They’ve only known me for a few days. And they don’t even know that you’re no longer engaged to Olivia. Don’t you think that’s too fast for them?”

He considered her words and then said, “You’re right, it’s too fast. We’ll get married at New Year’s.”

Maria giggled, filled with an incandescent joy. “All right, New Year’s, but only if the children are okay with it. I don’t want our happiness to be at the expense of theirs.”

“My love, they already love you. They’ll be thrilled that I have the good sense to marry you. And even if they’re less than thrilled, we’ll work on convincing them that you’re perfect for this family. Because no matter what, I’m not giving you up.”

Her heart melted at his words. “I won’t give you up either. You’re mine now, and I’m yours. I love you.”

“I love you too and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much. Starting now.”

And with that, he captured her mouth with his, and his h*ps thrust gently. She gasped at how quickly he’d hardened inside her, and smiled wickedly against his mouth. She rather thought it was time for her to show him how much she loved him.

And she couldn’t wait to begin.